Friday, January 29, 2016

German Police: “Your Daughter is a Liar”


The video below shows excerpts from an interview with the lawyer for the family of Lisa, the ethnic Russian 13-year-old living in Germany who says she was abducted and raped by migrants.

What is notable about this case is the assertion by the police that no crime had been committed, apparently without any forensic medical examination of the girl. It should have been fairly easy to determine whether or not she had engaged in recent sexual activity. If she had, that is evidence of a crime, regardless of her “consent”. Or it would be in this country; I’m not sure what the age of consent is in Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:22The victim was definitely a victim of a criminal act.
0:26She was abused sexually by multiple men, according to the current state of investigation.
0:33She was also hit; she was beaten, and she may have been raped;
0:40a court will later have to determine this.
0:48There is a description. According to this description
0:55it could be Arabs, or people from the Maghreb area,
1:02but it could also be Germans with certain backgrounds, or simply someone
1:09with darker skin. It is at the moment not exactly clear
1:15who it was, and speculations of course grew,
1:21but we ask please no speculations at this point.
1:30All the problems, the entire uprising, it happened solely because
1:34of a very clumsy reaction on the part of the police.
1:37One of the investigating officers told the parents of the girl to their face
1:43something you absolutely should never do. He said,
1:47we don’t believe your daughter, she is a liar.
1:52And based on that the parents rightly assumed the police were going to
1:57cover this up, would not investigate further, and therefore they turned to the public.
2:08We will in any case be constructive with the future it could investigation,
2:14and depending on what comes to the surface in said investigation,
we will then in the upcoming procedures determine our position regarding the prosecution and the court.

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