Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lies To Support the ELCA's Agenda

The ELCA's Journal of Lutheran Ethics October 2015 issue was devoted to the topic of  "#BlackLivesMatter."

An article by Rozella HaydĂ©e White, the Program Director for Young Adult Ministry for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, perpetuates the falsehood that Michael Brown was murdered. She writes, “For many young people of color, the murder of Michael Brown[1] on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri tore the veil that covered the ugliest reality – lives of people of color, particularly young black people of color, are not seen as lives at all."  (see here)

The definition of murder is "The unlawful killing of another human being without
justification or excuse.
" (see here) Michael Brown was killed in self-defense by Officer Wilson. The justice system of the United States confirms this.

Saying that lives of people of color are "not seen as lives at all" is another outright lie.

Then the ELCA Program Director for Young Adult Ministry writes, “The church has also been complicit in the ongoing separation and oppression of people of color. From global mission that was undergirded by the concept of conversion…”

So helping people know the One True God is called "oppression?" Leading people to faith in Christ is what we are all called to do. The ELCA is turning this "calling" into an evil act.

Clinton's State Department cautioned about blaming Benghazi attack on video

Hillary Clinton and other State Department officials were apparently warned by overseas U.S. diplomats about blaming the 2012 Benghazi terror strikes on an “inflammatory” Internet video, according to an email released Saturday by House Republicans probing the fatal attacks.

The email was sent three days after the fatal Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, and two days before then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice went on TV to say the attacks were inspired by the anti-Islamic video.

The email -- released by the GOP-led House Select Committee on Benghazi -- was sent from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, to the State Department, which Clinton led from 2009 to 2013.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Russian warplanes buzz USS Ronald Reagan

Two Russian warplanes flew within one mile of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, forcing the U.S. Navy to launch four fighter jets in response Tuesday, a Navy spokesman told Fox News.

The USS Reagan was sailing in international waters east of the Korean peninsula, Stars and Stripes reports. It adds that the U.S. is currently engaged in joint military exercises with South Korea.

The Russian "Bear Bombers" approached the aircraft carrier at an elevation of 500 feet Tuesday morning, according to Navy spokesman Commander William Marks. He said U.S. F/A-18 Super Hornets escorted the Russian planes as they transited out of the area.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Altar-ed states: Greenpoint church re-brands as co-op
Talk about community spirit!

A Greenpoint Lutheran church has re-branded itself as a co-op, offering membership to locals of any — or no — religious persuasion, and allowing them to add their own activities the house of worship’s services — including secular dance parties and exercise classes.

The makeover has ruffled a few feathers in the church’s small flock, but the pastor says the order came from the top.

“The vision for the co-op is to be able to serve our neighbors, which is a command that Jesus gave for the church,” said Amy Kienzle, who re-named the Lutheran Church of the Messiah on Russell Street as the Park Church Co-op in June.

The sanctuary still holds traditional worship sessions for its Lutheran congregation, but its secular members have also added services including Dancorcism — where parishioners and outsiders “dance out their demons” — and Sound Church — where people gather under the church’s reverberating high ceilings to make sounds like meditative “ohms,” chants, and songs.

A few members of Kienzle’s small congregation left the church over the change, but she says the remaining worshipers have welcomed the newcomers, and the new members say they already feel like they belong.

“A church was built with the intention of being this place where people can come and connect,” said Debbie Attias, who teaches both Dancorcism and Sound Church. “It’s a sacred space where you can come and connect with other people in the community.”


Since pastor Amy Kienzle took up the helm at Greenpoint’s Lutheran Church of the Messiah, the space has seen a flurry of diverse community activities – playing host to a farmer’s market, an interactive art exhibit, feminist dialogue, dance workshops, and providing temporary respite to the neighborhood’s homeless.

And with the positive response generated from those community events, Kienzle is now shepherding the Church through a transition into a Co-op.

Park Church Co-op, as it will now be known, was made possible through grant funding by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. While the Co-op will continue to operate like a church in the sense that it will continue to offer traditional services, it will also function as a hub for the community, regardless of religious persuasions. And the services too will get creative with Kienzle looking to incorporate sound healing and meditation into some of the offerings at the Church.

“The traditional model just isn’t working anymore, and now it will be more of a spiritual community center,” said Kienzle. “We want this to be a place where the needs of the people are met in new and creative ways and a place where everyone is welcome – whether it be dance groups, or yoga or feeding programs – different ways to bring the community together.”

With the number of groups using the Church, Kienzle thought a Co-op style structure would be the most effective, giving the groups greater involvement with the space and enabling them to create more programming for the community to get involved.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Actress Maureen O’Hara Dies at 95

Associated Press Oct. 24, 2015 12:43 p.m. ET

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—Actress Maureen O’Hara, the Irish beauty who appeared in such classic films as “The Quiet Man” and “How Green Was My Valley,” has died.

Her manager, Johnny Nicoletti, says Ms. O’Hara died in her sleep Saturday at her home in Boise, Idaho. She was 95.

Ms. O’Hara came to Hollywood to star in 1939’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and went on to a long career. “How Green Was My Valley,” a touching 1941 drama about a Welsh mining family, won five Oscars including best picture.

She became John Wayne’s favorite leading lady, appearing with him in “The Quiet Man” and other films. And she was little Natalie Wood’s mother in the Christmas classic “Miracle on 34th Street.”

She is survived by a daughter in Ireland.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Death of Europe

European leaders talk about two things these days; preserving European values by taking in Muslim migrants and integrating Muslim migrants into Europe by getting them to adopt European values.

It does not occur to them that their plan to save European values depends on killing European values.

The same European values that require Sweden, a country of less than 10 million, to take in 180,000 Muslim migrants in one year also expects the new “Swedes” to celebrate tolerance, feminism and gay marriage. Instead European values have filled the cities of Europe with Shariah patrols, unemployed angry men waving ISIS flags and the occasional public act of terror.

European countries that refuse to invest money in border security instead find themselves forced to invest money into counterterrorism forces. And those are bad for European values too.

But, as Central European countries are discovering, European values don’t have much to do with the preservation of viable functioning European states. Instead they are about the sort of static Socialism that Bernie Sanders admires from abroad. But even a Socialist welfare state requires people to work for a living. Maine’s generous welfare policies began collapsing once Somali Muslims swarmed in to take advantage of them. Denmark and the Dutch, among other of Bernie Sanders’ role models, have been sounding more like Reagan and less like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Two years ago, the Dutch King declared that, “The classic welfare state of the second half of the 20th century in these areas in particular brought forth arrangements that are unsustainable in their current form.” That same year, the Danish Finance Minister called for the “modernization of the welfare state.”

But the problem isn’t one of modernization, it’s medievalization.

27% of Moroccans and 21% of Turks in the Netherlands are unemployed. It’s 27% in Denmark for Iraqis. And even when employed, their average income is well below the European average.

Critics pointed out in the past that a multicultural America can’t afford the welfare states that European countries have. Now that those same countries are turning multicultural, they can’t afford them either.

Europe invested in the values of its welfare state. The Muslim world invested in large families. Europe expects the Muslim world to bail out its shrinking birth rate by working and paying into the system so that its aging population can retire. The Muslim migrants however expect Europe to subsidize their large families with its welfare state...

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Former New York City Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani weighed in on Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearing

Former New York City Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani weighed in on today’s Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton. Giuliani told Sean Hannity, “This seals the case… She’s lying.”
“This seals the case. Before you didn’t know if she was incompetent or lying. Now you know she’s lying because they knew from the very, very beginning that this was a spontaneous attack, one they hadn’t prepared for, one they should have been prepared for. It happened on September 11th, Sean. My goodness… Hillary owns Libya. Her record of Secretary of State is incompetent and then lying for political purposes in order to cover up what’s happening.”

Keep Your Ties In Tip Top Shape

 Untying your Ties

Care should be taken when removing your tie. After a long day of work, I know you probably just want to get the damn thing off. But fight the temptation to pull the thin end of the tie through the knot. While this is the easiest way to get your tie off, it ruins the shape of the tie in the process. If you want to make your ties last, remove your ties by following the tie-tying steps in reverse.

Storing Your Ties

When putting away a tie, many men roll them up, stuff them in a drawer, or lay them over a chair. But ties are made of delicate fabric and are extremely impressionable. So as soon as the tie comes off, drape it over a coat hanger or closet rack. Hanging your ties properly makes it easier for the creases and folds from a knot to fall out.

A nice tie rack is a good investment. Tie racks make storing and organizing your ties much easier. The Executive Ladder is a nice quality rack that sells for under $15. Spend a little on a rack now, and save money in the long run by making your ties last.

When traveling, fold your ties into fours and place them in your coat pocket. That will help maintain your ties’ shape while traveling.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary's Video Claim Officially Proven to be a Deliberate Lie


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University of Missouri Students Claim Thomas Jefferson Statue Is ‘Offensive’

 Terry Robinson/Flickr

A statue of founding father and writer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson is sparking debate at the University of Missouri, with some students demanding that the statue be removed over Jefferson’s “offensive” history as a slave owner.

Jefferson’s detractors at the university started an online petition demanding the removal of the statue located on the east side of the Francis Quadrangle.

The petition started by Mizzou student Maxwell Little hyperbolically begins, saying, “The need to project a progressive environment is just as important as food and shelter to survive” and goes on to plead for a “welcoming environment,” charging that the statue of Jefferson doesn’t facilitate that end.

The petition also calls the statue of Jefferson an example of a “nonverbal code” that says black students are “unwelcome” at the school.

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Merkel's Muslim Madness

German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that refusing to take in Muslim migrants is a “danger for Europe.” Merkel as usual had it backward. It’s her program of taking in Muslim migrants that represents the gravest threat to the freedom and future of Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Merkel may have already doomed Germany. The Bild newspaper published a leaked secret government document estimating that the number of migrants invading Europe this year might reach 1.5 million.

And that bad news gets much worse because the document estimates that each migrant will bring in as many as eight family members once they’re settled in, bringing the year’s true total to 7.36 million.

That’s almost 10 percent of the population of Germany. In just one invasion.

And the migrants are mostly young men entering a rapidly aging country whose young male population is under 5 million. Germany’s Muslim population already approaches 5 million. The median age of Germany’s Muslim population is 34, while the median age for the overall population is 46.

Merkel has rapidly sped up the rate at which Germany’s young male population becomes Muslim.

The document predicts up to 10,000 invaders entering every day. It foresees no end to the arrivals even when it gets cold. These words add up to the end of Germany and the end of Europe.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

NJ Catholic Archbishop: No Communion for Invalid Marriage or LGBT Advocacy

A Roman Catholic archbishop based in New Jersey has stated that those involved in marriages not recognized by the Church cannot receive the sacrament of Communion.

The Most Reverend John J. Myers, head of the Archdiocese of Newark, released a statement earlier this week saying that "Catholics must be in a marriage recognized as valid by the Church to receive Holy Communion or the other sacraments."

"Non-Catholics and any Catholic who publicly rejects Church teaching or discipline, either by public statements or by joining or supporting organizations which do so, are not to receive the Sacraments," stated Myers.

"[Catholics,] especially ministers and others who represent the Church, should not participate in or be present at … events intended to endorse or support those who reject or ignore Church teaching and Canon Law."

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clergy group blesses Cleveland abortion clinic

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- An interfaith group of clergy assembled Thursday to bless an East Side abortion clinic and its staff and patients, in what was believed to be the first service of its kind in Ohio.

The 15 ministers and rabbis ended the half-hour service by linking hands in front of the Preterm clinic on Shaker Boulevard and singing the spiritual "Amen" with about 30 clinic staffers and past patients.

"Bless this building," the Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, said in a litany of supplications. "May its walls stand strong against the onslaught of shame thrown at it. May it be a beacon of hope for those who need its services."

The Rev. Laura Young, a United Methodist minister, organized the gathering as executive director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

"We're doing this because too many religious people are hurling shame and hate at women seeking abortion, when we should be offering compassion, care and spiritual healing," she said.

The Rev. Harry Knox, president of the national Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, said the service was spurred by "renewed attacks on reproductive health rights" and the anti-abortion activities of "far too many religious people.

"Instead of recognizing and sharing the unending love of God, they show up right here, on this street, to hurl shame and hate at women," he said. "We gather here today to say no to this shame.

"As people of faith, we know that God's love is constant when a woman is deciding to have an abortion. God's love is with her the entire time."

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

California opens the door to more voter fraud with new motor voter law

California’s Governor had a busy weekend, breaking out his pen and signing nearly two dozen bills into law. Most of them centered on the voting process in the Golden State, but while liberals are taking a victory lap there are hints that these maneuvers are going to signal trouble down the line. The big ticket item in the legislative package was the “New Motor Voter Law.” This brainstorm will make voter registration automatic for any person receiving a new driver’s license or renewing an existing one.
Targeting California’s recent record-low voter turnout, Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a measure that would eventually allow Californians to be automatically registered to vote when they go the DMV to obtain or renew a driver’s license.
The measure, which would also allow Californians to opt out of registering, was introduced in response to the dismal 42% turnout in the November 2014 statewide election.
That bill and 13 others the governor signed Saturday, will “help improve elections and expand voter rights and access in California,” Brown’s office said in a statement.
That’s the headline and what’s being discussed in the media, but it actually goes further than that if you read the text of the bill. They’re going to be registering all sorts of folks to vote.
[T]he Department of Motor Vehicles would be required to electronically provide to the Secretary of State the records of each person who is issued an original or renewal of a driver’s license or state identification card or who provides the department with a change of address, as specified. The person’s motor vehicle records would then constitute a completed affidavit of registration and the person would be registered to vote, unless the person affirmatively declined to be registered to vote during a transaction with the department, the department did not represent to the Secretary of State that the person attested that he or she meets all voter eligibility requirements, as specified, or the Secretary of State determines that the person is ineligible to vote.
The two highlighted sections in the text of the bill above show where the door to voter fraud problems is being thrown wide open. First of all, it’s not just drivers who are being registered… it’s anyone with an ID card or any documentation where their address is recorded. It’s also worth noting that this law is being pushed through in the very same year where another law allowing licenses for illegals resulted in more than half of new drivers licenses issued in 2015 going to “undocumented immigrants”

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

ISIS Feeds Starving Mother Her Own Child, Yazidis Blame Obama

 A Yazidi community member has shared a gruesome story where one mother captured by the Islamic State terror group was told she ate the meat of her own toddler. The Yazidis have been speaking out about the atrocities they continue suffer at the hands of IS, and have criticized President Obama for not doing enough to help them.

Vian Dakhil spoke with Politico on Wednesday and explained that as many as 2,200 Yazidi women and girls have been kidnapped by IS and are being used a sex slaves. Another 420,000 Yazidis are living in refugee camps, which includes thousands of orphans who have no home.

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‘F*ck You Ben Carson': Backlash Explodes Against ‘Racist’ and Non-American Seth Rogen


On the eve of the release of Universal’s “Steve Jobs,” star Seth Rogen fired off a hate-tweet at black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. “Fuck you @realBenCarson,” the tweet said. In another tweet, Rogen, a high-profile Hillary Clinton supporter (and Canadian citizen), expressed his anger over comments Carson made about gun control and Nazi Germany.

Carson believes Jews might have had a better chance at resisting the Nazi regime had they not been disarmed by that regime in advance. Rogen, who is Jewish, and much of the national media are horrified over the idea of Jews with guns fighting Nazis, something Jews did frequently throughout WWII with scrounged guns.

Whether it is kids in classrooms or Jews in Nazi Germany, Carson proved this week that if you want to enrage a Leftist, suggest that they might have been better off had they been in a position to fight back.

The social media backlash against both Rogen and his upcoming film was immediate, and some 12 hours later, even though it is very early in the morning, is still intense.

A search of tweets containing only Seth Rogen’s names finds that almost all of them are critical of the comedian’s attack on Carson, many accusing Rogen of outright racism

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Report: Obamatrade Undermines Intellectual Property, Crushes Freedom of Expression

 AP Photo/Connor Radnovich

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement between the U.S. and 11 other countries contains a chapter on intellectual property rights that could impact freedom of expression, according to The Guardian. This news comes after Breitbart News reported there is a controversial chapter on immigration law within the Trade in Services Act (TiSA), another part of President Obama’s trade pact.

“[The] Intellectual property rights chapter appears to give Trans-Pacific Partnership countries’ countries [sic] greater power to stop information from going public,” noted The Guardian, which gathered from WikiLeaks what appears to be a full chapter on intellectual property. The Guardian does not know whether the chapter is just a draft or if it is finalized.

The Guardian reported:

The treaty would give signatories the ability to curtail legal proceedings if the theft of information is “detrimental to a party’s economic interests, international relations, or national defense or national security”–in other words, presumably, if a trial would cause the information to spread.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Report: Syrian Christians Cry ‘Jesus!’ Before ISIS Mass Beheading

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) executed 12 Christians, including a 12-year-old boy, after they refused to abandon their faith and convert to Islam. The murders occurred on August 28 outside of Aleppo.

“In front of the team leader and relatives in the crowd, the Islamic extremists cut off the fingertips of the boy and severely beat him, telling his father they would stop the torture only if he, the father, returned to Islam,” revealed Christian Aid Mission. “When the team leader refused, relatives said, the ISIS militants also tortured and beat him and the two other ministry workers. The three men and the boy then met their deaths in crucifixion.”

The boy’s father was a “ministry team leader who planted nine churches.” One woman allegedly yelled “Jesus!” right before the terrorists beheaded her. Militants took eight aid workers, two of them females, to another village. They proceeded to rape the two females before they executed them.

“Villagers said some were praying in the name of Jesus, others said some were praying the Lord’s Prayer, and others said some of them lifted their heads to commend their spirits to Jesus,” described one source. “One of the women looked up and seemed to be almost smiling as she said, ‘Jesus!'”

The barbaric radical Islamic group has executed more than 11,000 people in “Iraq and Syria since its establishment of a self-proclaimed caliphate in June 2014.” ISIS captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, in that month. For over 2,000 years, Christians and Muslims lived peacefully with each other. But when ISIS invaded, the Christians were told to either leave, convert, or pay a subjugation tax. They kidnapped the majority of the females to sell on their sex slave market while they slaughtered the males in front of their families.

“It is like going back 1,000 years seeing the barbarity that Christians are having to live under. I think we are dealing with a group which makes Nazism pale in comparison and I think they have lost all respect for human life,” explained Patrick Sookhdeo, founder of Barnabas Fund. “Crucifying these people is sending a message and they are using forms of killing which they believe have been sanctioned by Sharia law. For them what they are doing is perfectly normal and they don’t see a problem with it. It is that religious justification which is so appalling.”

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

ELCA Pastor: "no, I don't believe in the Bible"

The following article was written by Rev. Tom Brock of

Pastor Jerry O'Neal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has written a blog expressing his joy over homosexual marriage. Here are some excerpts:

I believe the Supreme Court got it right on same-sex marriage...I am rejoicing with my LGBT friends today.

First, about a so-called “Biblical definition of marriage” (or similarly, saying that marriage is “ordained by God to be one man and one woman”): the Bible doesn’t have one definition of marriage. If you look at the entire Biblical narrative, you will see that the standards of marriage change over time....

To those who say, “But you don’t believe in the Bible?” No, I don’t. As our former presiding bishop, Mark Hanson, once said, “I don’t believe in the Bible – I believe in the God revealed in the Bible.” The Bible is NOT inerrant. It contains clear contradictions in places (e.g. 2 creation stories in Gen. 1—3 that do not agree), and it has been open to interpretation from the beginning...

Similarly, I do not believe the few Scripture texts that speak about same-sex relationships apply today. Marriage is a different institution than it was then (see above)...Divorce is now permissible for reasons besides infidelity, and remarriage is common, despite Jesus’ comments in Matthew 19:3-9 that such divorce and remarriage constitutes adultery....

Does this mean I will be performing same-sex marriages right now? No it doesn’t. Our congregation had conversations about this a month ago, and we were not all in the same place on this issue.

Pastor Brock's response: Whew! Rarely is a pastor so blatant in his heresy. "Despite Jesus' comments", he says, divorce and remarriage are now okay. How easily he puts aside the teaching of the Savior. And what is keeping him from performing homosexual "weddings"? His love for Christ? His trust in the Bible? No, his laypeople. This is another example of laypeople who are much more Biblical than a pastor who has lost his way. Please say a prayer for him and his church.