Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Only Six Pairs Of Shoes You’ll Ever Need

The truth is, no man needs 20 pairs of shoes. Hell, most men could get away with much less. And if you’re interested in creating a lean wardrobe, stocked with versatile, interchangeable pieces, you should strive for less choices, not more.

In fact, you only need six pairs of shoes, but a very specific set of six.

Check out the list, then leave a comment telling us which shoes you’re missing, what shoes you own that aren’t totally necessary, and what others (if any) you would add to this collection.

Note: These shoes are listed in order from most casual to most dressy, with a more pricey and a more affordable option. Athletic or activity-specific shoes are excluded… When it comes to finding the best tap dancing/climbing/boxing shoes, you’re on your own.

six pairs shoes

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