Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Christian Girl Living Under Islam

While we listen to the government–media axis of evil endlessly berate those they deem “intolerant” (i.e., those who uphold Judeo-Christian values in the face of political correctness), here is how Christians are treated under the regime of liberalism’s favorite religion (after global warming), Islam:
This young lady had her mouth and left eye sewn with plastic threads for professing her faith. The young girl, who was a servant in Saudi Arabia professed that Jesus Christ was her personal savior. This did not go well with her master who ordered his men to sow her mouth so that she will never say that again. Her left eye was sewn too, as a warning.
Imagine the fun journalists would have if they could ever find Christians behaving like this. But with Islam, it is all part of the rich multicultural tapestry of diversity that is being deliberately imported to America on our dime.
The establishment press won’t touch this story; to acknowledge what this girl went through for being good in a society dominated by evil would be Islamophobic.
This is what moonbats praise when they praise the “Religion of Peace”:

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