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Two-State Solutions — Do They Work?

Two-State Solutions — Do They Work?
by MC

Nobody here in Israel really wants a two-state solution. It is the obsession of a particular clique of elitist left-thinking politicians who see dividing and ruling as their droit de seigneur; their divine right to rape the world in the name of a New World Order. The existing propaganda relates two states to peace. This is a chimera.

In Israel we have had at least three attempts at the “two-state solution”, each one stripping away territory with no quid pro quo. The first one was in 1923; the most recent is still ongoing, but is stagnating because one side will make no concessions.

In many ways, the one side is more honest: they want a one-state solution which is facilitated by the annihilation of the Jewish State of Israel (as a prerequisite to the extermination of Jews worldwide).

This is ‘acceptable racism’ because it is not Judeo-Christian in it origin. To be ‘racist’ one must be born into Judeo-Christianity, and these are Muslims.

There was an attempt at a two-state solution in the USA in 1861; it failed with huge loss of life. That particular two-state solution too was caused by dissension between two opposing and irreconcilable worldviews. The two-state solution is the compromise of moral relativity: if one assumes that all worldviews are equally valid, then the two-state solution becomes a viable outcome.

The Scottish Nationalists want an independent Scotland. They want a two-state solution, on the assumption that, if it works they get power, and if it does not work they will get bailed out and will still retain power. So it is win/win for them as long as they can rely on other people’s money to underwrite the risk.

In 1922 the League of nations mandated Great Britain to create a Jewish Homeland in the territories prescribed by the mandate, and based upon the Balfour Declaration of 1917, a letter of intent addressed to Baron Rothschild. This was land recovered from the defeated Ottoman Turks by the efforts of British and Commonwealth Soldiers in 1917/18. The British immediately ceded some 80% of the land to the Arabs, the first two-state solution in the area, depriving the Jewish homeland of a huge tract of land.

A later two-state solution was proposed by United Nations Resolution 181 ratified in 1947, which further split the remaining land between Jews and Arabs. The Arabs rejected this two-state solution and invaded the Jewish areas in 1948. They lost. They also lost three successive wars to bring about a ‘One (Arab) State Solution’. After the 1973 annihilation they gave up military warfare for political lawfare, claiming the intention of a two-state solution (to appear tractable in the eyes of western liberals) whilst insisting, in reality, on conditions appertaining to a one-state solution, and making political pawns of the people they claimed to be serving.

The 1938 Munich crisis precipitated a two-state solution whereby the Sudetenland was given to Nazi Germany, with dire results for a Czechoslovakia left defenseless against the might of a barbarous enemy. The Soviet-Nazi pact was a two-state solution for Poland that left Poland in ruins and its population ravaged. Germany in its turn was subject to a two-state solution, the Russian part of which suffered immensely. Another barbaric two-state solution was the partition of India in 1948, with a death toll of some three million souls.

The two-state solution is fraught with problems and poses dire risks for the inhabitants of the victim states. The attempted two-state solution in the USA still has its repercussions to this day, even if the Virginian mini two-state solution did work ( I assume that there is still not much love lost between the two to this day). The overall success rate of the two-state solution is not good.

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