Saturday, March 29, 2014

9 Problems with Aronofsky's 'Noah'

Here, then, are the top nine problems with the movie. Some are aesthetic; the most important are moral.

Turning Bible Into Lord Of The Rings-Style Myth.
Rock People.
Magic Methuselah.
Nature Becomes God.
Great Sin: Primitive Fracking and Mining.
Great Sin: Overpopulation.
Great Sin: Animal Cruelty.
Great Sin: Weapons-Making.
Humanity Doesn’t Deserve to Survive.
Noah Is a Homicidal Maniac.

But the real problem is moral. God is Gaia in this version of the Bible. Mankind is the universal sinner, and only the animals are innocent. The film finishes with shots of pairs of animals that could have come from a National Geographic special. Which leads to this question: if God just wanted a really nice zoo, why did He bother creating mankind in the first place?

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