Friday, November 15, 2013

German Woman Objects to Muslim Call-to-Prayer in Lutheran Church

00:00 (Imam calls to Muslim prayer)
00:04 blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:08 (sound of steps)
00:12 blaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaa
00:16 Jesus Christ alone
00:20 is Lord over Germany. I (unclear)
00:24 I am standing here, I cannot do otherwise.
00:28 This is the Church of Martin Luther.
00:32 I stand here, I cannot do otherwise (famous quote by Luther).
00:36 “It’s a concept for peace”, NO it’s not, no-one touches my flag
00:40 “Allah-u-akhbar” is … (unclear) don’t be fooled,
00:44 don’t be fooled, it is a lie.
00:48 (no sound from there on)

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