Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to Tie an Ascots and Cravats

1.The Traditional Way

One, this is how you tie the Ascot the traditional way, it doesn’t matter if you wear the pleats up or down. The only thing that’s of importance is that the pleats overlap the knot so the knot stays tighter and you will look great all day.

First, the right end needs to be about three to four inches longer than the left one.

Second, the right end, the longer end, goes over the left end. What’s important here is that the pleated part is part of the knot, and you want to keep this rather tight.

So now, the longer end goes back around as you can see, around, up through the back and down. This is how the traditional ascot looks, you may want to open another button on your shirt, and then you close it.

Once you have it tucked in, you simply adjust it to your liking, and you’re done.

There are two ways, once, you can have everything popping out so you see it, or you can have everything tucked in like so. Personally, I liked it tucked in, I like a tight knot and depending on the shirt I’m wearing, I open one or two buttons from the top. This way you see more of the Ascot, and so it’s more closed.

2.The Simple Knot

Number 2, the simple knot. The simple knot is actually really simple because it’s just one knot. Both ends are the same length and then you just create one knot like so, and you tuck both ends in.

For this knot, you really have to adjust it, and the problem is it’s a very loose knot so over the course of the day it will become loose. It can be a problem with the traditional knot, but it can with the simple knit, it’s even more so.

Personally, I don’t really like the look of it, and I recommend this look.

3. My Favorite Way To Tie An Ascot

The third way to tie an Ascot, the modified four in hand knot.

Again, you want it around your neck, and thus time you want the right end to be about 2 inches longer.

Now, what you do is you tie a regular four in hand tie knot. You can also watch this video where I show you how to do it but with an ascot; it’s more difficult because it is unlined.

Basically, you take the longer end, get over and around. You can come over again, go through the back and now you go through the knot you created and push it through.This has the advantage that you can really adjust it and have it really tight around your neck just like with the regular tie knot.

Unlike a tie, the front end will be shorter than the back end. That’s exactly what you want because now, with the back end, you come from your neck side and basically, bring it through from the back, so it comes over. You simply adjust it, so you get some nice pleats and then you put them in your shirt, adjust it until you like the look, and you’re basically done. The great thing about this knot is that even if it comes loose which is very unlikely, you can easily tighten it, it will stay like this all day, it gives you more volume in the knot so it kind of pops up and flows down nicely, and that’s the reason this is my favorite knot.

How to Untie The Ascot

For the Modified ascot knot, it’s important to untie it the same way you tied it, you bring the long end back, and then you pull it up, just like a regular tie knot, you can always loosen it the other way but you always risk that seams rip because of the strain it puts on it.

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