Sunday, December 13, 2015

A New World Religion Is Consecrated – In Paris

 Mark this day in your calendars. A new religion has been formally consecrated with an Oval Office ball-spiking by the President, “this historic agreement is a tribute to American leadership,”. The best part, for all the West’s socialist leaders who signed on to this sanctification, is that the agreement will not require approval from America’s Senate. The religion’s high priests (politicians and bureaucrats) are now consuming every loose bottle of Champagne in Paris, washing down mountains of Almas or Petrossian caviar in celebration.

In self-righteousness, the 40,000 proselytizers who convened their Paris assembly, will soon disperse to preach to their new parishioners, flying conformably aloft in full hypocrisy aboard private or chartered jets.

On their return home the most senior of the priests will land on their own egos, squirming for approval from the fawning media, outdoing one another as to the imposition of vacuous ideas to be proclaimed to the faithful. From Hollande, to Gore, to Obama, they will be contenders battling for the new religion’s most sacred office, its ‘seigneurie’, or ‘overlordship’, or whatever title the self-appointed cardinals decide to assign on their elected leader. Once upon a time, like 7 years ago, Obama probably considered himself a shoe-in for the post. These past 7 years, however, have unraveled, frayed and darkened his corona.

Still, Obama is campaigning hard with brilliance such as this, on the heals of an Islamic terrorist slaughter on his watch, “Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security”. He is accusing Americans who deny, or question ‘climate change’ as being threats to America. If you question the dogma that carbon dioxide produced by your consumption is accelerating the Earth’s temperatures toward levels calamitous for the human race, you are to be condemned. Common sense has become anathema to the Climate Change religion.

We can now expect an increase in the inquisition that will degrade, accuse and charge ‘climate change’ sectarians. In silence, we will witness an attempt at eradicating heretics from society. The term ‘skeptic’ and the term ‘denier’ will become triggers which will ostracize from society anyone so accused. Already we have seen universities demanding that Obama use RICO laws to prosecute ‘skeptics’. It may sound insane, but then our universities have long been vacated by common sense and freedom of speech.

The hysterical dictum, “Global Warming”, was briskly converted to “Climate Change” in the past year. The architects of the new religious order succumbed to the reality that the axiom at the foundation of their doctrine was false. “Change” was so much easier to sell.

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