Saturday, June 14, 2014

Muslim Group, Boko Haram, Stones Young Girl to Death

People need to see this. The Western mind refuses to see what is front of them. Shielding them from the horrors of Islamic law will not save us, it will destroy us.

Eisenhower insisted that the death camps be photographed and filmed, because it was not to be believed. So, too, is the savagery of Islamic jihad.
People need to see this the same way people needed to see the walking skeletons of the Nazi death camps, the mounds of skulls in Cambodia and the crucified girls of Armenia. Armaros, who sent me the link, lamented:

“Until people realize what this is and how vile this is they will never understand it. The media covers this up. Telling the story is not the same as seeing it like this.

This is beyond everything that I could ever imagine. The sheer banality and the celebration of such cruelty makes one realize that the world never learns. Evil is persistent and evil always is defended by the stupid, the naive and the deniers.”

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