Thursday, June 19, 2014

Michelle Obama Insults Parents While Defending a Broken School Lunch Program

In an interview with MSN, Michelle Obama shared some thoughts on school nutrition standards related to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, as well as the decision-making of parents. She declared, “Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and I didn’t get it right. Our pediatrician had to pull me aside and point out some things that were going wrong. I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard educated professional woman doesn’t know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who don’t have access to the information I have?"

These comments are condescending and illogical.

First off, figuring out how to feed your kids healthy food doesn't take an Ivy League degree. It takes common sense and a little research, which can easily be done on a home or local library computer, or via smartphone. Even without any research, I'm pretty sure most parents can figure out (yes, all by themselves!) that you put the vegetables, not the Skittles, beside the protein in your kid's dinner plate.

The implication made by Michelle Obama is that if she, an Ivy League-educated woman, couldn't figure it out, then the rest of American parents don't have a shot. Insulting? Yes. And absurd.

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