Saturday, May 31, 2014

AWOL Soldier Traded for Qtmo Detainees

The policy of the United States government has always been we do not negotiate with terrorists.

So why did the Obama administration release five of the worst GITMO jihadists – Taliban leasership – in exchange for an AWOL soldier – a traitor – who willingly walked away from his unit, raising the question of whether he could be charged with being absent without leave or desertion.

USA Today: Many called Bergdahl a traitor or a deserter. Stephen Kirouac, calling Bergdahl a “dirtbag” and “sympathizer,” was among many who seized on that speculation to criticize the rescued soldier. “He is a dirtbag that now should spend the next 20yrs+ in Leavenworth … his fellow soldiers were affected by his actions, he is a sympathizer and deserves to be tried for desertion,” said Kirouac, whose Facebook profile identifies him as a company commander at Fort Bragg, N.C.

And it’s not just that, the soldier, who has converted to Islam, is alleged to have been teaching its fighters bomb-making skills. A Taliban deputy district commander in Paktika, who called himself Haji Nadeem, told the newspaper that Bergdahl taught him how to dismantle a mobile phone and turn it into a remote control for a roadside bomb. Nadeem claimed he also received basic ambush training from the U.S. soldier. ‘Most of the skills he taught us we already knew,’ he said. ‘Some of my comrades think he’s pretending to be a Muslim to save himself so they wouldn’t behead him.’ Perhaps. Perhaps not.

The AWOL soldier’s father spoke in Arabic to his son: Obama did not detail exactly what security guarantees had been put in place by Qatar. Bergdahl said that his son was having trouble speaking English after spending so much time in Taliban captivity. Addressing his son, Bergdahl said a common Arabic phrase uttered by Muslims before giving a speech, and a few words that appeared to be in Pashto. “In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful,” Bob Bergdahl said in Arabic. “I’m your father, Bowe,” he added in English after speaking the same words in Pashto from the president’s podium in the Rose Garden of the White House

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