Monday, December 16, 2013

Balding? What You Should Do...

Jason Statham's Bald Head Makes Him Sexy


As men we don’t show off much. Besides our hands and a bit of our arms (and sometimes our calves, in winter), the only part of ‘us’ that we ever really show to the world is our head. Everything else is covered by clothes almost all of the time, and should compliment the body while drawing attention up towards the face.

If you have a deep receding hairline, keep your hair short; don’t assume that adding extra length to the back and sides of your hair will compensate for a lack of hair elsewhere!

Don’t, do not, do never, ever, ever try to cover up bald spots with a combover. When it comes to the point where you’re trying to hide your baldness like that, it’s time to shave it. Don’t need to go down to the skin, but shave it as short as you’re comfortable with.

This way you look more like a man who in comfortable with his hair and has chosen a style that works with it – rather than a man who is clawing on to every last remaining follicle. The former looks quite natural and, honestly, people rarely even notice. The latter sticks out like a sore thumb.

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