Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Rose Parade - Lutheran Hour Ministries Float Entry - Jesus Welcomes All

2014 Rose Parade - Dreams Come True

Float Entry

Parade Order:83
Float Sponsor Company or Organization:

Lutheran Layman's League
Company or Organization Website Address:

Float Builder Company:Phoenix Decorating
Float Theme :Jesus Welcomes All
How/Why Theme Was Chosen:
The motto of Lutheran Hour Ministries is Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church. We feel that our 2014 float entry captures the essence of our motto.
How Float Theme Relates to Parade Theme:

As Christians our dream/goal is to have all know Jesus Christ and that all are welcome.
Number of Years in Rose Parade:
Float Award Received Last Year: 
Float Designer's Name:Michelle Lofthouse
Float Concept Description:
"Jesus Welcomes All" exudes the very essence of the title. The front of the float with pine trees leads to a stone walkway covered in trees. The church at the rear of the float, is complete with a cross atop a bell tower that rises to 20-feet into the air. The church is complete with stained glass portals that surround it.

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