Monday, June 10, 2013

Shoe Color vs. Suit Color

So here are Justin FitzPatrick's rules pertaining to suits and shoe colors:
Black Suits: Black (and patent) or Gray
Navy Suits: Brown (any shade), Burgundy, Red, Green, Yellow, Black etc. The possibilities to what you can pair with navy suits are limitless
Gray Suits: Same things as navy, the possibilities are pretty much endless (depending on the shade of suit). Lighter grays for me, are a bit more versatile, where as charcoal suits head towards the territory of black.
All in all, I have no rules, I generally tend to wear what I feel like. However sometimes I feel like an anomaly, especially in America, and what I believe the average man would be comfortable wearing is:
  • black suits with black shoes;
  • navy suits with either black, any shade of brown or burgundy/oxblood/cordovan colored shoes;
  • gray suits with the same colors as a navy suit.
However, with gray suits there are different shades and for me the more contrast you create the more catching and appreciative the outfit.

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