Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Israel Re-Opens the Place of Jesus' Baptism

Israel Opens Up Christian Religious Site Denied Them By Muslims

Today, Israel re-opened the traditional site to Christians where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist along the Jordan river, a place called Qasr-el-Yahud.

Opening the site to Christian worship involved Israel spending $2.3 million to renovate the site and to remove mines laid down by Jordan along the Jordan/Israel border, a little factoid most of the stories about this omit so you'll get the impression Israel mined a Christian religious site.

A small ceremony was held to mark the occasion, attended by Interior Minister Silvan Shalom and Christian dignitaries.

Of course, the 'Palestinians' were solidly against this, since legally Islam is going to be the official religion of 'Palestine' if it ever becomes a state according to what passes for law here.

"This is a site in the occupied territories, and whatever Israeli authorities are doing on Palestinian sites we consider illegal and part of seizures related to the occupation and Israel's monopoly over our historic and touristic resources," said Khouloud Daibes, the Palestinian tourism minister.

I guess that's why neither Jordan or the 'Palestinian Authority' saw fit to open it to Christians in all this time.

Oh, by the way, Khouloud...the name of the place, Qasr-el-Yahud means 'castle' or 'fortified place of the Jews.'

Who's occupying whom, Tzaddik?

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