Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Big Happy Nation Ruled by the Smartest People in the World

Recently in East Liverpool, Ohio, a couple of drug addicts, with their four-year-old son stuck helplessly in the back seat, nodded out at a traffic stop and had to be removed by police. Take a good look at the picture in the news item. It tells us where the Western world is headed and how fast it’s getting there.

Euro-socialism and its American imitation provide all sorts of safety nets to abate the consequences of making a pig’s breakfast of your life. In fact, they help you keep on doing it. So the addicts will get free care and then be turned loose to take more drugs.

Meanwhile, it’s higher education to the rescue! There’s no earthly problem that can’t be solved by the repeated application of unfiltered idiocy. With that in mind, Eastern Kentucky State University now offers a degree in Social Justice, designed to prepare students for wonderful careers as community organizers and activists. Now you can’t even be a prattling public nuisance without a college degree.

What’s it all about, Alfie?

Why, haven’t you heard? We’ve entered the world’s post-Christian age. No more Jesus Christ the Savior, no more God the Father. Instead, our salvation is to come from Big Government, Big Science, Real Big Education—oh, and Hollywood. They will do what God could never do. Just watch ‘em.

And you’d better get used to it, or else. No one will be allowed to diverge from diversity. Get with the program. Get with transgenderism, same-sex pseudomarriage, auctioning off the parts of aborted babies, and—this is really big—erasing all those pesky national borders so it can all be one big, happy nation ruled by the smartest people in the world.

When they’re not busy nodding out at intersections.

No, but no—those poor druggies aren’t the smartest people in the world! They’re just the flotsam and jetsam of this post-Christian age. They’re just the eggs that get broken to whip up the omelet of an earthly paradise. So ignore them, and ignore those imported mobs of Muslim males of military age and truculent attitude. Ignore it all: what’s a little crime wave, here and there?

Instead, look up to the sky, and praise our best and brightest as their private jets zoom off to Davos, where these incredibly smart people will dream up even more incredibly smart ideas to make our world a better place. Hey! If they weren’t doing it right, they wouldn’t have so many celebrities rooting for them, would they?

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