Sunday, July 10, 2016

Supremes Rule by Not Ruling in Crucial Religious Liberty Case

No need to worry that the sky will fall when a lifelong liberal like Shrillary or Trump makes horrific appointments to the Supreme Court. As far as the Supremes are concerned, the sky has already fallen. Five moonbats are all the Left needs to impose tyranny, as we see in the case of Ralph’s Thriftway of Olympia, Washington, a family-owned grocery store that for moral reasons does not want to sell products used to kill unborn children:
“Petitioners are Christians who believe that life is sacred from the moment of conception,” lawyers representing Stormans, Inc. (the family corporation that owns Ralph’s) and two individual pharmacists (who do not work at Ralph’s) wrote in a January petition to the Supreme Court.
“Because of their religious beliefs,” said the petition (co-authored by attorneys from the Beckett Fund and the Alliance Defending Freedom), “petitioners cannot stock or dispense the morning-after or week-after pills, which the FDA has recognized can prevent implantation of an embryo.
“For petitioners,” the lawyers told the court, “dispensing these drugs would make them guilty of destroying human life.”
You want a morning after pill? No problem. Over 30 pharmacies within 5 miles of Ralph’s carry them. That’s not counting government health centers, Planned Parenthood, doctor’s offices, et cetera.
But that wasn’t good enough for pro-abortion militants, who have the law on their side:
Nine years ago, the Washington Board of Pharmacy issued regulations that effectively barred pharmacies in the state from declining to stock or sell abortifacient “emergency contraceptives” for moral or religious reasons.
Good thing we have courts to protect us from regulations that brazenly violate our First Amendment liberties. Judge Ronald Leighton ruled in favor of the good guys in 2012, concluding,
“The facts of this case lead to the inescapable conclusion that the board’s rules discriminate intentionally and impinge plaintiffs’ fundamental right to free exercise of religion.”
But if at first they don’t succeed, tyrants try and try again. The infamously leftist 9th Circus Court of Appeals overturned the ruling.

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