Thursday, October 22, 2015

University of Missouri Students Claim Thomas Jefferson Statue Is ‘Offensive’

 Terry Robinson/Flickr

A statue of founding father and writer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson is sparking debate at the University of Missouri, with some students demanding that the statue be removed over Jefferson’s “offensive” history as a slave owner.

Jefferson’s detractors at the university started an online petition demanding the removal of the statue located on the east side of the Francis Quadrangle.

The petition started by Mizzou student Maxwell Little hyperbolically begins, saying, “The need to project a progressive environment is just as important as food and shelter to survive” and goes on to plead for a “welcoming environment,” charging that the statue of Jefferson doesn’t facilitate that end.

The petition also calls the statue of Jefferson an example of a “nonverbal code” that says black students are “unwelcome” at the school.

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