Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Minnesota Attacks against North Dakota

Atlas Shrugged & Ayn Rand were right on. 

Minnesota attack against freedom and prosperity in North Dakota:

Gov. Dayton speaks out against F-M diversion, calls Minnesota impact 'unacceptable'

MOORHEAD – Gov. Mark Dayton and his administration will “do everything to ensure that Minnesota’s best interests are not trampled” by the proposed diversion project to protect Fargo-Moorhead from severe floods, a spokesman said.

Dayton stands squarely behind the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which recently sought to join a lawsuit by upstream opponents of the $1.8 billion project.

Minnesota’s action was taken after the Diversion Authority began building a ring dike this spring to protect the communities of Oxbow, Hickson and Bakke subdivision, all on the North Dakota side of the Red River. The communities would otherwise be flooded when the diversion is used during floods.

And yet another attack against North Dakotan decency by Minnesota criminals:

St. Cloud women accused of robbing john in Fargo they claim refused to pay prostitute

FARGO – Two St. Cloud, Minn., women are accused of using a Taser to rob a man who they claim had stiffed one of them on the bill after he’d agreed to pay for sex.

According to charges filed Thursday in Cass County District Court, Fargo police responded about 1:46 a.m. Thursday to a report of a robbery at 1524 27th Ave. S.

They met there with the alleged victim, who told officers that when he called an escort service, a young woman calling herself “Dream” came over.

Dream, whose real name is Gabrielle Louise McGuire, 22, according to court documents, discussed prices with the victim and told him she would text another woman to come to the apartment.

McGuire then asked the man if he remembered her, and he didn’t, he told police.

She told him the last time they met for sex, he failed to pay her. She pulled out a stun gun and told him she would use it if he moved, according to court records.

The other woman, Vivian Elaine Hager, 33, had arrived by then and took the stun gun from McGuire, sparking it intermittently to intimidate the victim, he told police.

The two women took his Xbox 360 and his 26-inch TV, then left in a silver SUV.

When police interviewed McGuire, she allegedly told them she had sex with the man for money a couple of weeks before, but he didn’t pay her so she came back with a stun gun to rob him.

McGuire and Hager are both charged with one count of conspiracy to commit robbery, a Class B felony. If convicted on the robbery charge, they would face a mandatory minimum of four years in prison.

Courts records show the alleged victim hasn’t been charged with any prostitution-related crimes in North Dakota. Neither have either of the women charged with robbery.

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