Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pant and Shoe Color Basics from the Effortless Gent

A.) Black suiting - Black, naturally. This is probably the only time I will say no to brown being an option. Good thing I never wear black pants.
B.) Grey Suiting or Twill - Brown warms up the palette, but black works if you must.
C.) Dark, inky denim - The safest, most appropriate variation of denim for all situations. Brown looks best. Yes! Exception? If you’re wearing a black sport coat, or a black button-up. (Brown shoes can work with a black button-up, but you have to accent it with large amounts of swagger.)
D.) Navy suiting - Brown ideally. Black will work, but brown is more interesting (especially with a suit)
E.) Dark Khaki / Olive Twill - Brown (this seems like an obvious choice)
F.) Medium Khaki - Brown (also an obvious choice?)
G.) Cream cords - Brown, because it plays nicely with the off-white hue
H.) White Denim - Brown, exceptions: Black upstairs

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