Saturday, March 16, 2013

Best of the Best (NY SWAT)?

A SWAT team in upstate New York is being mocked as an example of the difference between military and police training after an officer was captured peering through a backwards sight on his combat rifle.

As users on the military Reddit were quick to point out when the image was posted, the reverse sight makes it effectively useless.

Users mocked the SWAT officers training and some went so far as to question the motives of some of the men serving in local law enforcement.

Oops: This image of a SWAT officer with his sight backwards has been widely ridiculed on the web

The officer is using a 'military style' assault weapon with a close quarters combat sight that costs roughly $500.

'It's disturbing to think that 1) none of his buddies corrected it, and 2) he's in a real-life situation with his optic on backwards, which means he's never fired that rifle with the optic on it, which means it isn't zeroed and he thought it was OK to show up to a gunfight with an unzeroed weapon,' wrote one Reddituser.

Joked another: 'So much tomfoolery in this photo. You sure this isnt a screen shot from the next Three Stooges movie'

Right way: Unless the sight is on properly, as shown here, the sight is effectively useless

The image came from a report on WKTV about an overnight standoff between law enforcement and an alleged killer hiding in building in Herkimer, N.Y.

Despite the backwards sight, the standoff ended with the gunman killed and no reports of innocent bystanders being accidentally shot by SWAT.

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Not only did he not zero the weapon but apparently never even looked through the sight. But he looks cooler than shit in his military style gear, doesn't he?

Let me also point out that one of his teammates is holding a shotgun with his gloved finger on the trigger and if that ain't an accident waiting to happen, I don't know what is.

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