Saturday, February 9, 2013

Janitor Fired for Defending the Flag

South Dakota Janitor Cesar Zakahi Fired for Defending the Flag?!

Cesar Zakahi was a janitor in South Dakota before he got in trouble for… defending our nation’s flag?!

He posted the picture above on Facebook and complained to the school superintendent, which ultimately got him fired, he says.

Zakahi is a disabled veteran and was angry with how the flag was being handled by a fellow janitor. He said, “She would take the flag down [...] bundle it up in her arms, go into the boiler room, roll the South Dakota flag and the United States flag up in a bundle and throw it on top of a boiler.”

Zakahi told Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends that from the beginning, he showed her how to fold it properly, but she said it “was too much of a bother” to do it that way.

After showing his boss the pictures and a video of what was happening, he got a call from the superintendent.

“He told me that I had overstepped my bounds as an employee and that I was on probation for work, which I understood, and that I had embarrassed him because he got caught not doing his job,” Zakahi said. He believes because this superintendent was retiring in three months that he was just trying to “sweep [this incident] under the rug.”

The Stanley County School District also issued this statement on the matter:

“The result of our investigation did not reflect a mishandling of the flags. We question the circumstances & if the pictures circulating are an accurate reflection of how the flags were stored.”

Zakahi has an attorney, a fellow veteran, who is helping him pro bono.

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