Saturday, March 19, 2011

President Obama Backs Al Qaeda in Libya


Well, you have to hand it to Obama, he is consistent in his extreme anit-Americanism. Throughout his presdiency and all of the Islamic revolutions sweeping the Middle East and Africa, he has sided with the Islamic supremacists at every turn. His fierce islamophilia threatens free men the world over. Taking his marching orders from vile America hater, Jew hater devout Muslim Sheik Qaradawi, Obama paves the way for an Islamic state in Libya. not the it was good before, hardly. But there are degrees of evil. It can always be worse, but little matches the anti-human brutality of Islamic regimes in the twenty first century.

He backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
He's backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.
He backed the brutal mullahcracy in Iran during their bloody march for freedom.
He's backed Hezb'Allah in Lebanon.
He's backed Islamic law at the UN in co-sponsoring a resolution of the restriction of free speech.
And he is backing Al Qaeda in Libya.
Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side The Telegraph (hat tip Armaros)
Statements of support for Libya's revolution by al-Qaeda and leading Islamists have led to fears that military action by the West might be playing into the hands of its ideological enemies.
WikiLeaks cables, independent analysts and reporters have all identified supporters of Islamist causes among the opposition to Col Gaddafi's regime, particularly in the towns of Benghazi and Dernah.
An al-Qaeda leader of Libyan origin, Abu Yahya al-Libi, released a statement backing the insurrection a week ago, while Yusuf Qaradawi, the Qatar-based, Muslim Brotherhood-linked theologian issued a fatwa authorising Col Gaddafi's military entourage to assassinate him.
Col Gaddafi has pinpointed the rebels in Dernah as being led by an al-Qaeda cell that has declared the town an Islamic emirate. The regime also casts blame on hundreds of members of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group released since the group renounced violence two years ago.
Although said by the regime to be affiliated to al-Qaeda, most LIFG members have focused only on promoting sharia law in Libya, rejecting a worldwide "jihad".
"Only promoting sharia law." So they are OK with honor killing, killing of aposates, clitorectomies, woemn as property, amputations for stealing, stoning for "adultery." hangings for gays, Jewish genocide, ethnic cleasning ........

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