Sunday, February 27, 2011

Israel and Arizona comparison from the Mad Jewess


End The UNJUST Jewish Occupation Of A-rab Land! Arizona Comparison
Insane people (This EXCLUDES left-wing Jews that who drive nations INSANE) call most Jews “Israel-firsters”, but they never tell you the truth about many of us. Most right-minded Jewish folks know what the Israeli-government puts its own people through; Gush Katif: throwing their own people out of their homes, negotiating ‘land for peace.’ Phoney lies about how American Jews are ALL ‘dual citizens’. Well, I am not, nor is anyone I know. I have been loyal to my nation, America, but I see what is happening in Israel-the same case scenerio that is happening on American borders, with illegal invaders. Only WE will NOT give up our land in America as you Hebrew-haters expect Israel to do…

There is NO other country or state that suffers constant land grabs as is Israel, they have given UP over 70% of their land- WHO DOES THAT? The A-rabs that have been in Israel since its birth, have more rights than any ‘people’ in this planet. The Israelis are not allowed to live in peace, so, it is hogwash to assume that any amount of appeasement will ever work. In my personal opinion… The PEOPLE of Israel face what AZ is facing; BOGUS accusations of ‘apartheid’. These people that call Israel, “apartheid” are the same idiots that said that South Africa was apartheid, and now S. Africa faces 90 people a month murdered by African savages.

You morons that are Palestinian-firsters for death; know one thing, right-minded Jews, Christians, Messianics, etc-frankly, don’t give a *&%$ what you say anymore. This blog supports the PEOPLE of Israel, and we just dont give a damn what you all think.

Hows that for a little blog-apartheid.

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