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Spiritual Sickness Among Socialists, Leads to Mental Defection

By Bill Miller post 12/22/2010 at

Socialism is not stupidity nor is it a mental aberration, although, in truth there is much of both to be found among the adherents of Socialism. Socialism is rather a spiritual illness that leads to insanity and antisocial thinking. I must be clear on this point, not every form of mental illness begins in Socialistic thinking, that individuals who are spiritually well can still suffer from deviations caused by chemical imbalances. They can also be spiritually ill because of trauma or other contributory factors. Again, there is more than a little proof that even many chemical imbalances are again caused by the mind itself. We are just beginning to understand the workings of the mind, however, what is clear is the state of the mind is crucial to the mind’s well-being and that the brain can cause all manners of illness to the individual from psychosomatic to physiological.

Many people believe that Socialists are stupid, since the philosophy is illogical to the rational mind and cognitive thinking. Literally Socialism makes no sense from either a historical or economical view point. It seems to be based in utopian, juvenile simplicity and emotionalism, but these manifestations are symptoms of the spiritual illness rather than the mental disease itself. The disease is based on a spiritual infirmity. Indeed, the oft witnessed mental aberrations themselves are again another outward symptom of the inner soul sickness pervasive in Socialists. These symptoms run the gambit from the lack of responsibility and envy on one hand, to Olympian control issues and murderous genocide on the other. It really is an interesting case study.

The brain is powerful. It can cause all manners of illness to both itself and to the body. There is so much clinical evidence for the brain causing stress, hypertension, high blood pressure, lesions and cancers, and can even end the individual’s life from strokes and/or heart attacks. The brain can literally shut the body down or cause contributory illness to death.

In the various studies of Psychology (the study of the mind and behavior) whether the approach be Humanistic, Cognitive, Existential, Clinical or Counseling, the underling feature is the preventing of distress or dysfunction and the promoting of subjective "well-being. Returning the science full cycle to its roots, which are contained in its etymology. The name Psychology means "study of the soul." (The Greek and Latin words for soul, breath and spirit are interchangeable)

It is truly amazing that no major study has been done to psychoanalyze the political leaders of the International Socialists in the Democratic Party. It would also be very interesting to compare the results with studies of other advocates for a Centralized Collective Authority whether the "authority" is political, racial or religious. I would surmise that there would be relative salient traits to be found in Socialists, Communists, Nazis, monarchists etc. . . and that the underlining aberration would be a spiritual sickness.

It can be said that Socialism is the blind leading the blind. One needs only to look at Nancy Pelosi to see that she is sick in heart and in her soul. But Nancy Pelosi isn’t stupid, neither is President Obama, nor is his primary ideological base in the University Faculty. George Santayana wrote in 1905, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." We can call the history professors who fail to learn from history as, "the blind who lead."

Let us look at some of these University types. I have broken them into several subgroups, but truth be told there is plenty of generalization to cross the arch types. As loathe as I am to use generalizations, the fact that so many University educated have not learned from history is a phenomena that just can’t be overlooked. Type one; I have met some real mental midgets who are a product of our University system. They lack a well-rounded education, are not cleaver enough to employ what they learned and are lacking in practical real world experience and their knowledge is limited to their field. Let’s put them on the side for a moment and look at the truly brilliant ones first. Type two; there are others who can employ what they’ve learned, they have high IQ’s, and lack only real world experience. They are products of and have spent their entire lives in the bubble. Type three; finally, the educated who have real world experience.

The third type is truly disconcerting in that they usually are not from the inside the bubble world or have had at least considerable experience from without it. These types are to disregard their "outside" the bubble experience to assimilate with their Type 2 peers. Like all Socialists, they are spiritually ill and while allegedly advocating for the "greater good," share a trait discovered among many Nazis after the war, which is a real lack of empathy to others suffering. "Can’t create a new world order without breaking some eggs, huh." We can join in the first type now, they know they don’t know it all but are psychologically reinforced by their peers. They actually often do have some real empathy and add this human characteristic to the group, which adds some genuine emotions to the others’ sterile coldness.

Together as a group, they represent the "John Gills." On the Star Trek episode "Patterns of Force" The crew of The Enterprise is sent to a planet to see why Captain James T. Kirk’s old history professor has failed to call into Federation superiors. He had been sent to an alien planet to study as a cultural anthropologist. The crew arrives on the planet to find to their horror and dismay, Nazis carrying out a replication of what they did on Earth, and then to their further dismay that it was Kirk’s old history professor, John Gill, that initiated the chain of events and was himself the Fuhrer. After confronting Gill and saving the day, Mr. Spock says, "Perhaps, Professor Gill thought such a system run benignly would work?" The story’s moral was "Even History Professors fail to learn from history." Kirk’s ending lines are, "The problem with the system was not just that the Nazis were brutal and sadistic they were, but it was the leadership principle." With Dr. McCoy chiming in, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Quite cleaver these Earthmen." Finally Spock retorting, "Earths whole history is filled with such incidents." Earth’s whole history is filled with this truth, one type of Centralized Collective Authority or another, all hindering the true minority of "one," the individual, from living in a state of grace with nature. Since the French revolution, Earth has experienced one type of John Gill or another who think they’ve overcame the "bugs" in the system. They believe that if a Centralized Collective Authority were imposed based on their refinements, things would be different; that utopia would be on Earth. This is the height of arrogance, an oversized ego manifestation. Many have ego problems but if the soul of the egomaniac is also suffering from secularism, the soul of that individual can become extremely distorted and dangerous. The secularist has an overwhelming drive to create utopia on Earth because their lack of faith denies that there is a heaven. The blind leading the blind can also be called the spiritually ill, leading the spiritually ill.

The trouble is how that Star Trek episode ended. On the planet once the evil is exposed, the people on the planet request the Crew of The Enterprise, "Leave us now! We must begin to live the way the fuhrer wanted us too." So not only did professor Gill fail to learn from history, the people who just lived through the nightmare failed to learn, also. This brings us to the blind that are to lead.

Winston Churchill once said, "If you’re under forty and you’re not a liberal you’re heartless, if you’re over forty and you’re not a conservative you’re brainless." There is a lot of truth in this statement. The young, who are coming from a self and parental focus on their wants and needs, tend to be inclined to a liberal "me, myself and I" centric type of thinking. It is an emotionally based immature type of thinking which is often outgrown. Another interesting age/maturity of thinking analysis that ties the concept of spiritual conditioning to the argument was made among a study of alcoholics. When A.A. was quite young, a number of eminent psychologists and doctors made an exhaustive study of a good-sized group of so-called problem drinkers. The doctors weren’t trying to find how different the alcoholics were from each other, but what similarities of personality traits they shared. The conclusion they came to was that alcoholics were still childish, emotionally sensitive and grandiose. The entire recovery program of A.A. is based on the use of the "Twelve Steps" to create a paradigm shift in thinking through use of spiritual principles. A.A. has had a wonderful success rate using this program in turning dependent, dysfunctional individuals into a useful, productive, stabile member of society. This has worked so well that the courts and most modern medical experts recognize Alcoholics Anonymous potential for this social service; the concept of A.A.’s "Twelve Steps" has been adopted to correct many other dysfunctional group’s spiritual imbalances.

The blind that are being lead, often are believers as opposed to an overwhelming number of secularists who are Socialistic leaders. Again, vacating generalizations, this doesn’t mean all the rank and file Democrats believe in God, but the numbers indicate that many individuals who have strong spiritual of religious principles adhere to the Democratic Party, whose leaders are overwhelming Secular Progressives and Socialists. They may attend mass regularly and could probably quote chapter and verse as well or better than many Tea Party or conservative adherents. So what keeps them tied to the Socialists? I believe the answer is clearly an emotional immaturity fed by dependence on the party to deliver something to them, either directly through entitlements or because of their union ties. They have been indeed harmed by their supposed benefactors like a prostitute is harmed by her pimp, her supposed protector.

There is so much disconnect among the Democratic rank and file. It truly is a party of dysfunction. What logic is there for the labor unions of heavy industry to be in a party that has accepted as two of its primary tenets the International Socialists concepts of Global Warming (Radical environmentalism and income redistribution) and International Labor (transfer of their lively-hood overseas), both of which endanger their sole source of income, or where a majority of Jewish voters support and finance a party dedicated to the destruction of Israel, or where unions and corporations lay in bed together with government, or where a welfare system that destroys the family values of entire communities and subjects the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the penal existence of public housing.

The Roman author Tacitus said, "It is a human trait to hate those you have injured." The Socialist leadership despises its constituents; it can be the only reason that they talk down to it. Why they call the public stupid and feed their own superiority complex, and the class and racial warfare rhetoric that their acolytes in the main stream press vehemently spread, is meant to stoke what are classically called the seven deadly sins. Including and loudest of which is pride, but equally important for various reasons of maintenance of dependence are sloth and envy. Sloth feeds the addiction of entitlements, and envy, the class war rhetoric. It is truly evil to feed someone’s sickness to maintain one’s own power as it is to murder babies too young to be thrown into the fires of Ba’al Hammon, as a birth control method. It doesn’t take too far of a leap of morality to move from this form of evil to the mass murders of the Einstzgruppe or the Czcha. Of course, not every union member is spiritually ill, many vote in opposition to their labor leaders’ orders. Just as there are always individuals born into the public housing in the ghettos who on their own, or with committed parents, work their way out. However, the Socialist construct makes this difficult for them to do, not just by them only providing entitlements at subsistence level, but by creating a plantation mentality by their rhetoric supported by peer pressure. This is meant to retard the growth of the spirit and to forestall the individual from recovering their equilibrium and maturing, thus keeping the individual forever, childlike and dependent on the Socialist leaders.

"I believe in myself." Was what Napoleon said as his armies marched back and forth over Europe, dripping in blood. That is the flip side of the dependent constituency the "I can remake the world" Socialistic leaders have two variations of ego problems, one is, I am capable of doing anything (I am worthy and if it’s not me it’s no one) the other is, I need help with everything (I am worthless) Like Napoleon, it has been ego driving the Socialists; they are as imbalanced as their constituents. After he was finally defeated, Napoleon Bonaparte also said, "They (meaning the French people) wanted me to be another Washington." Washington was the polar opposite of a leader from Napoleon, Washington was incredibly centered.

Washington did not want to dictate; he wished to serve and was always open to council. He refused ultimate power several times and honorably relinquished what he had without being asked. Washington believed in Natural Law, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Natural Law and the Principles of Unalienable Rights being spiritual in nature is the answer to the needs of all. It provides for the subjective spiritual "well-being" sought by the psychologists, cares for the self-actualization process, through self determination to help the individual "live in a state of grace" with nature, and is compatible with the religious and secular world views. Furthermore, Natural Law is a spiritual remedy for Socialism.

The rank and file of the Democratic Party need only start by saying no, (this method can work for the Socialist leaders as well but it can be a more difficult spiritual journey for the leader types to make) by demanding their natural Human right to dignity and freedom to choose. They can achieve the ultimate life goal of happiness by reaching for their highest aspirations. But it will take a spiritual awakening within them; call it a paradigm shift or an epiphany. It will require a decision and the willingness to accept responsibility for their lives. All they need to do is look at the unfulfilled promises of the Socialists, feel the emptiness inside, and have fortitude to place their posterity before themselves, then this simple act of selflessness and the process of maturity will carry them to the happiness found in the Unalienable Rights that God however, they conceive of God) has endowed us with (the rights are always there but you must believe in them for them to work) through God’s tool of Natural Law; the spiritual malady and the malady’s outward manifestations (symptoms of the disease) of Socialism can be erased from their souls.

I believe, that one day, Natural law will cure most the evil isms that currently plague our planet. It will never cure them all, because Natural Law is about acceptance of the larger Spiritual nature of things; that life itself is a spiritual battle; that there is right and wrong, good and evil. The subjectiveness in things is still about doing no harm; that there is my business and none of my business. It is about the proper use of dependence, dependence on God in whatever way the individual conceives of God, not the dependence on temporal (evil) creations of man. It also is a matter of acceptance that the soul sick, always being with us, have to find their own way; their own path that is their business. But when they interfere and try to impose themselves between my relation with Nature however, I conceive then it is my business to fight them tooth and nail. Because, what also applies, is another old spiritual axiom "faith without works is dead." Leading by example is as most parents acknowledge, the best way to teach opposition to Socialism, which causes mental diseases, soul sickness and spreads evil, and is the fundamental responsibility of all spiritually well individuals of all Americans. God bless the United States of America!!

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